About financial authority

To be eligible to book premises that involve a charge for the reservation requires a special delegated authority from your department or equivalent. The purpose of this is to maintain control of who is incurring costs for their department or equivalent by hiring premises. This delegation is called financial authority. The persons allowed to incur costs for their department or equivalent varies between different units at Lund University and thus who is granted financial authority also varies. Talk to your director of studies, head of department or equivalent to find out what applies at your unit.

To apply for financial authority, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to LUCAT and log in
  2. Go to Min sida -> Mina behörigheter (My page, My authorities)
  3. Select Ansök om behörighet to the right (Apply for authority), above the list of your current authorities
  4. Select Behörighetstyp "IT-tjänst" (Authority type, IT-service)
  5. Select IT-tjänstgrupp "Studieadministration" (IT service group, Study administration)
  6. Select IT-tjänst "TimeEdit" (IT service, TimeEdit)
  7. Select Behörighet "Ekonomisk befogenhet" (Authority, Financial authority)
  8. State the authorisation organisations and the cost centres to which you are to assign your bookings
    1. Write the cost centre in the search field under the field "Attestorganisationer" (Authorisation organisations)
    2. Click on "Lägg till" (Add)
    3. Repeat for each authorisation organisation/cost centre for which you want to apply for booking authorisation
  9. Click on "Ansök" (Apply)
  10. The application now goes to the head of department or equivalent for approval

You can remind the person responsible for authorisation at your department or equivalent to go in and approve your application.