Premises costs and account strings

Lund University’s faculties finance their premises in different ways. The information below applies only to those premises for which a fee is charged. For debiting of premises costs to work in TimeEdit, the source for paying the premises costs must be stated. This is done by using a so-called account string, which consists of cost centre, organisation and activity. When booking premises only, an account string needs to be entered in the booking or order. These account strings are pre-entered in TimeEdit. If you lack the account strings you need to book and/or order premises, contact your process manager, who will ensure that the requested account string is entered in TimeEdit. For booking schedules there is a pre-set account string linked to the course code entered in a booking. This code or the premises in the booking will be charged for this account string. If you wish to change an account string that is linked to a particular course, contact the process manager for your faculty. To find out the account string for a certain course, follow the steps below:
  1. Go to the TimeEdit schedule for the course in question
  2. Click on any schedule item
  3. Click on the course code
  4. All the information about the course in TimeEdit will now come up, including the account code for the course.
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