Order via TimeEdit Core

If you use the booking system for booking, you are to make orders for the premises you need outside your regular range of premises via TimeEdit’s booking system. Just as for online booking, you need to apply for financial authority in LUCAT first in order to be eligible to order premises that incur premises costs for your department or equivalent.

How to order:

To order premises, follow the steps below:

  1. Check that the premises you want to book are available. You can do this either via one of TimeEdit’s web entry points, or via the booking system (TimeEdit core)
  2. Fill in the selected list in the usual way. When you come to premises, search for virtual premises and enter it in your booking, as if it was regular, physical premises.
  3. Enter your booking in the TimeEdit calendar in the usual way. The booking will have a yellow corner indicating that there is an order in the booking.
  4. An order is now sent to the premises owner, who either accepts or declines your booking. You will now receive an email confirmation sent to the email address you stated in the user settings for your booker account. If the booking is accepted, the physical premises will now entered in your booking. You do not need take any further action. If the booking is declined, the corner of the booking will be red. No premises are booked if an order is declined.

How to see premises you do not have access to

If you do not have access to a certain room or lecture hall, do like this to see the premises in TimeEdit Core:

a)     1. Select the row for "Rooms" in the booking setting Options.

2. Click on the gear icon for selected list settings.

3. Select Prosperities->Status->Read

4. You can now see all premises in TimeEdit, not only the ones you are allowed to book.

5. Choose the premises you would like to book and add it to your selected list to see how it is booked.

How to cancel ordered premises

You can remove premises from a booking yourself, even though you are not eligible to book the premises. However, the premises owner needs to know if you cancel premises, particularly if this is done less than two weeks before the booked date. To cancel premises for which you are not the premises owner (for example LU’s examination rooms and shared lecture halls) follow the steps below:

1.     Send an email to the premises owner. State the reservation ID in question, so that the premises owner can identify the reservation.

2.     The premises owner now finds the reservation and removes the premises. The reason that the premises owner removes the premises is to inform the premises owner of the cancellation, so that the premises are not left unlocked at the originally booked time.

Bear in mind that if there is a charge for the premises, LU’s cancellation rules apply, even if you cancel the premises yourself!

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